Raffle Prizes

Win big and try your luck with our popular bucket raffle!
This year's prizes include:



4 Kids to experience the Mall of America with Mr. Moch
(1 name will be chosen, they can bring 3 friends!)


4 Minnesota Vikings Tickets

(Our most popular prize!)


4 Minnesota United Tickets at Allianz Field

(Club level, includes food!)


Game Truck Party Experience

($350 gift certificate that includes up to 2 hours of play for up to 16)



Need more tickets? Contact Suzie Hendrix or Kathleen Olesinski.
suzieq.19@gmail.com or kathleenolesinski@ameritech.net

Legal: Ticket stubs on which no bucket number has been indicated by the player shall be placed by a Hilltop representative into the bucket with the most valuable prize. Any person 18 years or older may purchase a raffle ticket. The state of Minnesota Rule 7861. Due to the volume of tickets distributed, we as for your assistance in complying with this statute. 

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